Sunday, December 2, 2018

12/1/18 card show report: happy Turco day

As I mentioned on TMV this evening (where you're probably coming from), I met my goal at this past Saturday's show of landing a bunch of pickups I can include in Christmas packages I'll be sending within a few weeks, while my PCs got the short end of the stick.  That's totally fine by me since I don't tend to view shows as a top source for landing new stuff for me as much as I hit them for trade bait.

With that in mind I have just one card this evening, but I wasn't going to avoid the effort of showing it off, especially since it represents one of my favorite Michigan Hockey alumni of all time:
That would be goalie Marty Turco on card #113 in his collection, a 2002-03 Pacific Calder Chasing Glory insert.  As you can see up front this card is highlighting Turco's shot at the 2002-03 Vezina Trophy, the one given to the best goalie in the league.  In his third season he put up career bests in save % and goals against, finishing second to another Marty, New Jersey's Brodeur.

Turco then finished in the top five in voting for that award the following two seasons, including 2005-06 when he won a career-high 41 games at his peak.  Statistically it was downhill from there, but the two-time NCAA champ still enjoyed a nice pro career, and this card is a great reminder of how good he was over his first few seasons.

Next up (eventually) I should be showing off lots and lots of loot from Sportlots and COMC, so look forward to a bunch more PC showoffs!

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