Friday, July 6, 2018

2018 eBay purchase: the New Math: 82=2000

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Five years ago I had a great milestone day on this here blog by hitting the 200-card marks in my Michigan Baseball hits and Rich Hill collections.  But I also celebrated an even larger number that day: 1000 Michigan Sports (and others) hits.  That's significant enough that I went back and fixed the broken links to the post's scans in case some of you decide to have a look at the significant moment in my collecting career.

But if you just feel like staying here that's fine because you're about to witness history repeating itself:  with the card I'm about to show off I've duplicated that feat and reached the 2000 mark!  Here's the milestone card:
Well naturally it's a Manningham, right?  For a surprisingly low $11.50 delivered I nabbed this 2017 Panini National Treasures Signatures Printing Plates Black auto of this here blog's namesake.  Though 1/1s are no longer a rarity for me--I now count 110 in my collection--this is only my 11th that also includes an autograph, not to mention the first the represents football.  And speaking of numbers, this is my 82nd Manningham in that collection, equal to the jersey number he wore in the NFL:
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There he is making his now famous sideline catch that saved the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.  I love that this card's back mentions both his awesome middle name--Cashmere--and that he put up big numbers in the 2011 playoffs for the eventual champs.  And that was with gumpy-ass QB Eli Manning throwing to him!  I also appreciate that Manningham's relatively brief NFL career still made him worthy of inclusion in this high-end product.  A plate/auto of a Super Bowl hero is a super way to reach the 2K mark, and I look forward to 1000 more.

As I always do when I hit big marks like this I'd like to thank everyone who enabled my college-collecting obsession by contributing to this collection over the years.  For those of you who are interested for some reason here are my counts by sport:

Barring anything new and unexpected arriving in my mailbox I plan on getting to my huge Sportlots order next, so get ready for lots of low-end!

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