Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 Sportlots purchases: Mike Hart jumpstart

Welcome to those of you who found this evening's post after checking out my pile of new Chris Sabo cards over on TMV.  Today's title references the fact that it was so cold here in Michigan this past week that I needed to have my car jump started once on Wednesday and twice on Friday before giving in and buying a new battery.

But that's also football weather, and the subject of tonight's post was, like Sabo, a Michigan Man in his sport.  That would be none other than Mike Hart.

If I had to rename this blog for some reason, "Not Enough Mike Harts" might be a top candidate because I don't have nearly as many as I want.  While I'm only adding four thanks to my large Sportlots haul from last year, anything new helps!  It also doesn't hurt that three of them are of the college uniform variety.  Check 'em out:
This is Mike's base card from one of a few 2008 products made by SAGE:  Aspire.  I would have liked it a bit more if the left side of the photo wasn't cut off by the design, but it's a solid effort otherwise thanks to a great photo of a RB who rarely went down behind the line of scrimmage.
Here's a fun insert from another brand that used to produce nice college cards:  Press Pass.  From its 2008 SE product, it's called Insider Insight, and the write up on the back quotes someone who can offer something interesting about that player.  In this case Hart's coach Lloyd Carr credits his ability to do so well in pass protection while still being responsible for a full load of carries.  Mike's ability to stand up oncoming LBs to protect Chad Henne is certainly something I appreciated over his four year college career.
Speaking of his former QB teammate, this is a Glossy parallel of a card shared by Henne and Hart from 2008 SAGE HIT.  That product headed downhill after these were made but fortunately for me this was a pretty solid product for a Wolverines collector.  By the way, each player also has a Glossy version of their own cards from the base set.  You'll be seeing this one again in a future post with the rest of the Hennes I picked up.
Today's only non-college card is this 2009 Score Inscriptions base.  It was a lower-end autograph-friendly product that comes up a lot in my collection because lots of guys that wouldn't normally land on signature checklists made it into this one.  While that may not appeal to breakers, it sure does to me!  I count autos from Hart, Henne, Adrian Arrington, and Jake Long in my collection thanks to this Score product.

While I continue working to add more to what I hope will be a much larger collection, I now have 118 cards of my all-time favorite Michigan RB, with a couple more via COMC to show off in the near future.

Until then, here's hoping I'm done with needing jumpstarts!

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