Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Too Many Manninghams: this post gets meta!

Yeah, last Saturday's game didn't go my favorite team's way thanks to untimely mistakes and unquestionably incompetent officiating, but at least it was a game worthy of the rivalry.

My disappointment hasn't kept me from doing some work towards posting, though.  While I'm focusing on a couple other projects, I decided it was high time to get this here blog's namesake his own album as I did for Hart, Henne, and Woodson.  I mean, if I don't show you how many Manninghams I have, how are you supposed to determine whether or not I own too many?  (Trick question--the answer is always that I never do)

It was a pretty easy decision for two reasons:  first, I have a pretty nice number of his cards between assorted stuff from trades and purchases, inserts, rookies from that project, and hits--especially the latter, as Super Mario claims fifth place in that collection with 61 as one of just five players to crack the 60-card mark.  And second:  thanks to everything in the previous point, I had fewer than 20 cards of his left to scan.  So this actually didn't involve very much work on my part.

All that led to the creation of Mario's own album, which can be viewed here anytime (and found on my player collections page as well)
Oddly enough, right now his total of 112 cards matches up exactly with Woodson's, though that'll change within a few weeks after my latest COMC order arrives.  Spoiler alert:  while that incoming package doesn't contain too many Manninghams, it does include a lot, along with a bunch of other very exciting Wolverines content, so stay tuned for that!

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