Sunday, June 12, 2016

2015-16 COMC purchases: hockey n00bs

Tonight might be the final game of the NHL playoffs (again), so what better day to show off the hockey stuff I picked up from COMC over my last few purchases?  As I sit here writing this post and preparing to root for Carl Hagelin and his Pens, here's five new additions to my hockey PC, including four completely new players:
Mike Brown 2014-15 Artifacts Autofacts auto
Brown and his hipster mustache are natives of Chicago who attended UM from 2003-2005, which means I got to see them during my junior and senior years in Ann Arbor.  Another Michigan Hockey Mike, Brown was good enough to get drafted by the Canucks in the 5th round in 2004, and since 2007 he's seen NHL action with them as well as Anaheim, Toronto, Edmonton, San Jose, and most recently, Montreal.  Though he's a forward, Mike's not really a goal-scorer as much as a PIM-earning grinder type.  I'm glad to have finally added a hit of him all these years after seeing him play at Yost.
Mike Cammalleri-Jack Johnson-Marty Turco 2010-11 Artifacts Tundra Trios Bronze triple jersey (#11/75)
I'm of the opinion that card manufacturers should do more multiplayer cards of players with college connections like this one.  These three never played together but all were active at the time the card was made.  As a nice bonus the jersey swatches are three different colors!  I really don't throw much money at relics at all these days but I just couldn't pass this one up.  It's my 13th hit of Cammalleri, 11th of Johnson, and 33rd of the collection-leading Turco.
Luke Glendening 2015-16 Upper Deck Signature Sensations auto
Luuuuuke!  Glendening is yet another WolverWing, though he actually came to Detroit as a UDFA.  He had quite a nice, if not statistically explosive, four-year college career that included a trip to the NCAA title game his junior year.  This season was his third with the Wings and he continued to provide some reliable production as a center.  I hope he and fellow WolverWing Dylan Larkin are teammates for years to come!  In the meantime it's nice to see him appear on some cardboard, such as this excellent UD-branded signature.
Matt Hunwick 2007-08 The Cup Printing Plates Ultimate Collection Yellow (1/1)
Hunwick is another guy I got to watch during my college days and still somehow neglected to add to my PC until recently.  After four years as an able college defenseman, Matt (no relation to PC goalie Shawn) went in the 7th round in the same 2004 draft as Brown above, in his case to the Bruins.  After a few seasons in Boston he moved on to Colorado, the Rangers, and then the Leafs this season.  Needless to say I was thrilled to make my first hit of him a plate--my 56th overall 1/1 and 7th out of hockey--and this just goes to show you COMC can be a good source of such cards.  Next up I'll try to add an autograph of the journeyman D.
Steven Kampfer 2010-11 Zenith auto RC (#506/999)
Today's final player is another newbie:  D-man Steve Kampfer.  Another four-year Wolverine, Kampfer started his college career a couple years after I graduated, but I saw him plenty in-person and on TV anyway.  Unfortunately one of the most notable aspects of his Michigan tenure was a cowardly on-ice attack by a couple Michigan State goons back in 2009.  At least he was able to bounce back from those cheap shots and get some NHL minutes with Boston, Minnesota, and Florida (including the past two seasons); he never appeared with the Ducks, who took him in 2007's 4th round.  It's no surprise that he's not a big hobby name so I'm happy to see Panini threw him a bone on this autograph from five years ago.

Not only have I wanted to show this off for a while because I'm lazy, I've also been looking forward to announcing that they put me past another major milestone:  200 hits!  Thanks to today's additions the collection stands at 204 cards strong and counting, including 44 unique subjects.  Thanks as always to those of you who've contributed, especially Doug from SCFtDS--I'm gonna have to count up and see how many you're responsible for, buddy!

So go Carl Hagelin, go Pens, and go Blue!


  1. That is a nice crop of new additions. I agree about the college connection cards. When a card features multiple WVU guys I go crazy and can't buy fast enough.

    Before the move to the Big 12, WVU was really trying to ramp up their hockey. Now I'm sure it is an after thought again being in a conference that doesn't really pay attention to the sport.

    1. I just can't imagine WVU playing hockey! And yeah, card manufacturers 100% need to do more college teammate-themed cards, even if they aren't in their college unis.