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2015-16 COMC purchases: introducing new football PCs: Hart, Henne, and Woodson

It's time to return to posting my COMC pickups I haven't shown off yet, at least some of which were purchased in 2015 and others which arrived just a few weeks ago.  Everything's all mixed up but that makes it interesting.

Today I'm taking advantage of some cards I can post to announce three brand new completely scanned PCs:  Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Charles Woodson!  Those three guys are among my absolute favorite players to have watched and collected, and thanks to years of set-building, singles buying, and trading, I felt I had enough of each to justify the effort of putting together albums to show off my work.  Also, as always, I love giving folks an idea of what I already have--not that I mind doubles!

So as you look at today's pickups, please also mosey on over to each player's album to see everything I've acquired of him so far, if that catches your interest.  Of course, anything new I acquire and post from now on will be found there as well, so keep an eye out!

Ok, then, on with the show:

Mike Hart:

Hart's PC, as you'll see if you click the above link, is a nicely mixed bunch of base, rookies, inserts, and hits--though largely the latter!  A decent amount of my base cards of him come from complete sets I own, but a number of you folks have flipped some to me as well, which I very much appreciate.

In terms of COMC pickups, let's start with a pair of inserts:
2008 Playoff Prestige Draft Picks Light Blue (#538/999)
2008 Score Gold Zone (#112/400)
These just happen to be parallels of a pair of Hart RCs I own, and serial-numbered to boot.  As I've said on multiple occasions I really like the late 2000s Prestige designs, and the Light Blue makes 2008's look pretty cool.

I also added a couple RCs, putting me at 21 of his 25 first-years:
2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Retail RC (#309/999)
2008 Topps Mayo RC
I'm really not a fan of hobby- and retail-specific products, especially when the cards are so similar.  The Mayo card has a fun throwback design, though.

Lastly I can add to my bevy of Hart hits with these:
2008 Finest Autographs hand-numbered auto (#42/1499)
Though I already have a card that looks almost exactly like this, this version is hand-numbered, so I consider it different enough to be a unique hit.  Beckett references something about being able to mail these in to get them numbered, though I'm not sure by whom.  In any case, it's a fun spin on an already fun autograph.
2008 Playoff National Treasures auto RC (#83/99)
Sometimes a card just screams "high end" at you.  Maybe you don't think the card itself is worth a huge price premium, but you can at least tell it came from a highly-priced product.  Also, I suppose "National Treasures" is a pretty good giveaway.  This is definitely one of Hart's nicer RC autos despite the sticker.
2008 SP Rookie Threads Scripted in Time auto (#141/204)
Speaking of stickers, it looks like this one was placed where it should be, but probably could have been cut and then moved to the right to fit into the white space on the middle-right portion of the design where it would stand out more.  That aside, it's another Hart signature and I like it.
2008 Topps Letterman Patches Autograph 'H' patch auto (#07/20)
Finally, Topps' 2008 Letterman product was probably a reasonable idea that was just executed in a goofy manner.  While Panini and especially UD nailed the manupatch/auto design, having the player sign the patch itself, Topps placed a clear sticker over the letter, which just doesn't work as well.  All the same, I'd love to complete this nameplate at some point.

While Hart's PC is the smallest of the three today at 104 cards, he's second only to our next player with a whopping 65 hits, good for third place overall in my football PC.

Chad Henne:

Henne's collection is the biggest of the three today in terms of total cards and hits, and that's no surprise since I've probably targeted him more than any other Wolverine football alum.  The composition of his PC is a bit more balanced than Hart's as hits comprise closer to half, then a nice focus on inserts (especially numbered stuff), 20 of his 22 RCs, and a decent number of other base cards.

I don't have any hits or RCs to show off today--I did those weeks/months ago--but I do have 24 new additions, almost all of which are inserts!:
2008:  Bowman Blue (#106/500), Press Pass Legends, Press Pass Legends Bronze (#196/999), SAGE HIT Saturday Colors, SAGE HIT Write Stuff, Score Gold Zone (#292/400), Score Hot Rookies Scorecard (#286/999), Score Red Zone (#084/100), Select Hot Rookies (#586/999), Upper Deck Heroes Green (#118) (#022/350), Upper Deck Icons Rookie Brilliance Silver (#415/799)

2010:  Certified Mirror Red (#140/250), Certified Platinum Red (#819/999), Limited (#245/499), Plates and Patches (#335/499), Sweet Spot, Topps Unrivaled Gold (#185/759)

2011:  Certified Mirror Red (#223/250), Limited (#062/499), Prime Signatures (#423/499), Timeless Treasures (#123/499), Timeless Treasures Silver (#30/99)

2014:  Panini Contenders Championship Ticket (#76/99), Panini Contenders Playoff Ticket (#139/199)

COMC ended up being very good to me in terms of Henne pickups this time, as you can see, as I was able to nab a ton of numbered inserts and parallels, most of which set me back under $0.75, if not $1.  The fact that all but four of these were numbered made listing them out a bit of a chore, but that's an issue I'm happy to deal with considering numbering adds a nice touch as far as I'm concerned.

Henne continues to be the hits collection champ with 89 cards, and on the strength of those and everything else I mentioned he sits at a very nice PC count of 178.

Charles Woodson:

Last but most definitely not least is easily the most successful player of this group, NCAA and NFL champion Charles Woodson.  While his hits and sometimes inserts are a bit harder to come by due to their appropriately strong prices, I have a decent number of each to go with the majority of his rookie run plus lots of base many of you have so generously sent my way.  It also helps that he was in the league for so long and was such an outstanding player he warranted entry into sets despite not playing offense.

As it turns out I have at least one each of base, insert, RC, and hit to show off today:
2006 Topps Turkey Red
2015 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Old School Colors
2015 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Prizms
Today's non-RC base card is actually one that could easily be confused for an insert.  Turkey Red was indeed a full-fledged base set in 2005 and 2006 (and for baseball too) before appearing as a flagship baseball insert later.  It features a very nice portrait of the Packers great.  The 2015 Panini inserts are a bit higher up on my list, though, naturally, thanks to the college action shots.  I can't really choose between the two, but since I own both, I don't have to!
1998 Paramount RC
As I mentioned, I own most of Chuck's rookies--37 of 43 to be exact--so it's nice to be able to acquire a new one I need like this one from '98 Paramount, which features a flat-out awesome photo of Woodson going...flat out, in what I believe is the 1998 Rose Bowl.  Sweet!
2003 Donruss Classics Dress Code Jerseys jersey (#133/550)
Last up is my 17th hit of the shut-down CB, a solid Oakland jersey swatch from 2003 Classics.  As is usually the case, I like the Donruss/Panini design overall along with the fact that it's a new Woodson relic.  Sometimes, at least when it comes to relics, I can find nice deals on Woodson hits, and that was the case here as I nabbed this card for $3.50.  To look that up I had to go back to my purchase history.  Wanna know when I bought it?  LAST JULY.  Hopefully once I'm caught up I won't get so far behind again, sheesh.

Woodson finishes this post with a PC total slightly ahead of Hart:  108 cards.  As with the other guys, I really hope to increase that number big time, especially now that I know exactly what I already have.

Thanks for taking a look at the fruits of my latest scanning project.  I hope it inspires some of you to do the same, or at least start or continue focusing on a player collection.  Oh, and more importantly, to send more cards of these guys my way.  As a reminder, you can follow all my PCs, super and "regular", right here or at the "Player collections" button up top.

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