Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recent PC Additions

Jeff here, I'm back again with my second post this month, that might be a record, but I did warn you. I got some more COMC pick-ups to share so let's get to it.

2012 Press Pass Fanfare Gold ($1.45)
2012 Press Pass Signings ($1.23)
I now have 5 cards of Kevin Koger and 4 of those are autographs and all are of the Maize and Blue variety.

2014-15 Upper Deck SPx ($.50)
This is only my 3rd card of Mitch McGary but my 2nd in a Michigan uniform.

2014 Upper Deck SP Authentic Canvas Collection ($.75)
2014 Leaf Draft ($.45)
These 2 cards put my Taylor Lewan Collection into the double digits with 10 cards. He has had the easiest cards to pick up on Ebay, I think I've picked up his 2014 Topps Finest Refractor 3 or 4 times now, I really need to keep better records. I can't go by the picture because Topps used that picture in a bunch of their cards.

2008 Upper Deck Draft Editions ($.43)
2008 Playoff Prestige Picks Blue ($.55)
2008 Topps Rookie Progression ($.36)
2008 Sage HIT Autograph ($1.25)

These 4 cards put my Mike Hart Collection at 34 cards and half of those are autographs. I guess because of that you can tell he's one of my Tier 1 collections as I've picked up a bunch of his and Dennis has always been good for some.

1999 Press Pass Authentics Autographs ($1.44)
2011-12 Fleer Retro 1998-99 Autographics Design Auto ($2.69)
I also picked up these 2 cards for the Michigan collection, I had a little money left after adding the cards to my cart. I grabbed the first one because it was cheap, then I decided to look and see what I could get for the total amount I had left instead of cheap and saw the Cazzie Russell and I had to pick that one up.

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