Sunday, September 27, 2015

How about them Wolverines!

I'm trying not to get to excited about the way they are playing but it's hard not to. The offense still scares me a little, Rudock really scares me, even though he looked pretty good this weekend against BYU. Rudock's decision making doesn't always please me but as long as he's not turning the ball over, which he didn't yesterday, I'll stop complaining about him, for now. Our stable of RB's are playing well. There's no doubt our starter should be De'Veon Smith, but with all those backups and potential starters behind him, you really could throw a few of them out there and they would excel, and they have. We are back to power football and I am excited, trying not to be, but I am.

That defense though, has been outstanding and they only seem to get better each week. BYU was supposed to throw over the top of us but the defensive line didn't give the QB much chance to get set and even when he did, our secondary was right on top of their receivers. We've seen a pretty good defense for the past couple of years, but this one seems even better and on top of that, we seem to be getting our offense together.

The best thing I have seen so far this year, and it really has been the difference, is Jim Harbaugh. The last few years, there was no excitement, no fire on this team, and no fire on the sidelines. I was ecstatic when Harbaugh went nuts on the sidelines a couple of weeks ago when the refs were blowing all kinds of calls against Oregon State. That fire has worked it's way onto the team, just look at our RB's, Smith and Green were both playing for us last year, but I don't remember them being anything like they are this year. Especially Smith, he ran hard last year, but not like he is this year, he is not any easy tackle anymore.

I'm not excited yet (I'm lying) because after the last decade we've had, I'm still reserved (not really) about how good this team is. They aren't going to be in the national title game (yet) but they can reek some havoc in the big ten, and as good as little brother is (they're good), I think we have a shot at beating them (finally) and as poorly as Ohio has played (they've sucked), they will be better by the time we face them, yet, I still think we have a chance at them too.

I think with the level of improvement we've seen from the Utah game to the BYU game, we're only going to get better. I am excited about that and I'm excited that the game are enjoyable to watch again. Not that I think we belong there yet, but I think we may crack the top 25 this week.

The real reason for this post was to show off the Michigan cards that Dennis sent me, but since they are duplicates from him, you've probably seen them all before, so I thought I put down some thoughts on this blog about this team. It's been hard to do the last few years but things are definitely looking brighter.

Thanks for the awesome package, Dennis.

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