Friday, June 12, 2015

2015 trade package #15: a super Michigan uni card from Bob Walk the Plank

Fellow college football/pro baseball team collector Matt from Bob Walk the Plank sent another ridiculously generous package my way a few weeks ago, and as is sometimes the case the real show can be seen over at TMV in the form of 10 terrific Tigers.  But Matt didn't forget my Wolverines--you might even say he Manninghamanged to put a nice cherry on top with the addition of this card:
Mario Manningham 2008 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars Jerseys Prime jersey (#21/25)
Sometimes "Prime" doesn't automatically mean "patch" and it still doesn't make a damn difference because, man, what a great maize swatch this is!  Good on Panini for their 2008 Classics product that included this excellent relic set devoted to the best players on the best day of the week.

Super Mario was a force at WR when paired with star QB Chad Henne, and his Super Bowl heroism takes a bit of the sting out of the frustration of the injuries he's dealt with the last few years.

I'm thrilled to receive such a beautiful jersey relic of one of Michigan's all-time greats at the position, and I'll happily add it to the other 51 cards I own of this here blog's namesake.  I can say for certain that I won't get bored looking at this when I'm flipping through my collection of Marios, just like I never get sick of this clip:

Thanks again, Matt!  I promise to have some Mountaineers and Pirates heading down to Morgantown soon!


  1. It was weird not loading you up with Wolverines. Tigers seem to be a safer bet when I'm looking for higher end cards.

    1. Either way I'm happy with whatever you send me, so thanks again!