Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 trade package #20: a Mini Razzing

Tonight on TMV I'm showing off a cool trade package from Chris over at the Raz Card Blog.  The cards in this post were the impetus for this deal, but I'm happy to say that the "mini" theme carried over to those cards as well.

The minis I'm referring to specifically hail from 2014 Topps Mini, which is of course the slightly smaller but otherwise identical to flagship product that the company created last year and continued into 2014.  Three of my baseball PC guys appeared in the main set and therefore were included in Mini as well, and as luck would have it Chris busted some boxes and was nice enough to send me each player's base card:
Chris Getz 2014 Topps Mini
Getz still gets to appear with one of my favorite 2014 card photos.  Also, as a reminder, he retired this past season, so I don't expect to have any new cards of his to chase in the future.

J.J. Putz 2014 Topps Mini
Like Getz, Putz retired this year after a reasonably lengthy career, and now he's got a job with the D-Backs' front office, so I wish him well in his post-playing career too.

Clayton Richard 2014 Topps Mini
Richard's still hanging in there despite recent injury woes, though it looks like 2015 will see him suit up for his third Major League team (if he makes it) as he signed on with the Pirates.  As they've been pretty successful as of late I think it could be a good landing spot for the former QB, depending on how the Pirates' offseason and rotation's arms shake out.

Chris, thanks very much for surprising me with the cards I showed off on both blogs tonight!  I couldn't ask for more than baseball PC help and my favorite Tiger, and I look forward to dealing with you again soon, but meanwhile you have a nice little haul to look forward to from me in the next couple days.  Readers, please head over to the Raz Card Blog!


  1. The Pirates signed Richard to a minor league deal a couple weeks back.

    1. Yep, I made sure to note that below his card, and you know I'll be rooting for him to help out in the rotation!