Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: we need a little Rich-mas

I have a feeling most of you will see this post as quite the letdown after I showed off my brand new Tom Brady autograph (I HAVE A TOM BRADY AUTOGRAPH!  Ok, I'm done with that now) on Friday.  Still, today's card remains very useful for one of my PCs, and since it's of one of my favorite players, I'm plenty excited about it, even if it's not quite on the same level.
Rich Hill 2007 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures Reflections Autographs Silver Spectrum auto (with Sean Gallagher) (#09/10)
Of course I'm still chasing Rich Hill cards, what did you expect?  At this point I have more than 100 to go, but at least that means I'm still reasonably likely to find something new once in a while.  This card is my third dual auto from the set of Rich and fellow former-Cub Sean Gallagher--a player who was included in the now famous Josh Donaldson-to-Oakland deal way back in 2008!  Here's the other two for comparison:
"Base" (#23/40)
Gold (#02/20)

Not a huge difference between the Silver Spectrum and base, eh?  Still, these are pretty cool despite being sticker autos and the fact that I don't have any reason to collect Gallagher.  They still hail from a premium product, and grabbing one of them numbered to 10 copies for just $6.50 is pretty cool in my book.

Now, how about some numbers?  I'm at 229/347 of Rich's collection, good for about 66%, so I'm almost 2/3 of the way there!  I also can now claim 110 Hill hits, which comprises about 39% of my Michigan Baseball collection.  72 of those cards include Rich's signature, which is a pretty nice percentage.  And my latest overall total of his collection, including 1/1s, is 241.  I'll have at least one more to add before the year's up, continuing a 2014 that's been fairly productive as far as his collection goes.

Programming-wise, I have one more eBay pickup that should show up by Tuesday, and then barring any surprise trade packages, it should be COMC stuff--if I can get off my butt and get it scanned and ready--until next year.  Merry Rich-mas to all!


  1. I love the Exquisite cards, but you are right about the parallels. They really did nothing to set them apart from one another. That was my only complaint about the parallels in Stadium Club this year too.

    1. Well it's easy enough to tell the Gold apart from the others, but I don't think all those versions were necessary if all they did was slightly change the foil area under the signature. Stadium Club did have a bit of that, and so did those Topps Archives autos.