Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy trails, Chris Getz

Chris Getz, a second baseman for the White Sox, Royals, and Blue Jays, announced his retirement today after he was sent back to AAA by Toronto.  Chris is a native of Grosse Pointe, Michigan (a bit northeast of Detroit, for you non-Michiganders), but actually followed in his father's footsteps in attending Wake Forest instead of staying in-state after a high-school career full of accolades.  However, he returned home by transferring to Michigan after one season, and was a standout there until the White Sox drafted him for the second time (6th round, 2002), this time in the fourth round, 1995.
Getz appeared in 10 games for the ChiSox in 2008, then 107 the following year, hitting a decent .261 and swiping 25 bags in 27 attempts.  However, after the season the Sox swapped him to the Royals along with former top prospect Josh Fields (the OF, not the pitcher) for soon-to-be flameout IF Mark Teahen.  The FanGraphs article I linked to above notes that Chris surprisingly outlasted the more heralded players in that deal.
From 2010-2013 he appeared in 332 games as Kansas City's second baseman, sometimes forming part of a platoon or getting sent back to AAA.  His speed and solid defense were assets, but he was never much of a hitter, so the Royals let him go in 2013.  Toronto picked him up earlier this year, and their lack of quality 2B options gave him an opportunity, but one he wasn't able to capitalize upon; he lasted just 10 games, was sent down, and subsequently retired.
Said Getz, in a statement, "I've enjoyed every minute that I've played and will always be passionate about the game.  I'm starting a family, and I'm interested in other endeavors both inside and outside of the game."  He may have lasted just parts of seven seasons in the Majors, but as a Michigan fan, I was proud to see a fellow Wolverine give it his best shot in the pros.  I wish him well in his post-baseball career, and I can promise you'll still see him from time to time around here--after all, I'm still collecting him!
Speaking of that, my Getz collection hasn't changed since the last time I showed off pickups of him, but I'll keep plugging away at his 101 (as of right now) non-1/1s and more in honor of one of my contemporaries while at school in Ann Arbor!  Keep your eyes peeled for more quality Getz stuff like the ones you see in today's post.

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