Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 eBay purchase #12-15: draft day deals

Well it's Saturday and thee three-day NFL draft (is that really necessary?) is finally done, with all three eligible Wolverines finding new homes.  I'll likely celebrate that in a post this week, but for today, here's five more recent eBay pickups--one of which is, appropriately, football:

Jim Abbott 2003 Topps Retired Signature auto
This beautiful Abbott signature is actually my most recent purchase, and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  With time ticking down I was amazed to find myself the only bidder--these usually go for a LOT more--and landed it for about $7.50 delivered.  It's my fifth auto of the former Angels hurler, and second from the Retired Signature product (2005), though this one's cooler in that it's also "uncirculated."  Though it's a small step, it gets me a tad closer to the century mark as my 92nd Abbott, and it's a gorgeous one at that!

Chris Getz 2013 Topps Update Sapphire (#02/25)
About $6 was enough to win this Sapphire parallel whose color is sorta close to the Royals' powder blues.  The low-numbered insert puts another dent in the 2014 Blue Jay's 2013 Update rainbow, and of those nine cards I just need the deplorable Wal-Mart Blue to finish things off!  With a new total of 67/101 of Getz's run, I'm just a card shy of the 2/3 mark.

David Parrish 2001 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor (#14/99)
With new Parrish cards few and far between on the various card procurement sites, I jumped at the chance to pick up this '01 Bowman Chrome parallel for his rainbow, and I didn't feel bad throwing down about $7 for the honor since I'm now at exactly 75% of his 24-card run, not to mention and X-Fractor shy of said rainbow.  I've always admired the simple beauty of the 2001 Bowman/Chrome sets, but this Gold Refractor really sets things off nicely.

Clayton Richard 2012 Panini Prizm Autographs Prizms auto (#18/25)
If the theme of the day is obvious shininess, then this Richard Prizm auto delivers in spades!  My 9th hit of the erstwhile Padres pitcher, this is a Refractor-like version of the "base" auto, numbered to 25, and even without San Diego's logo it looks great.  About $15 delivered was enough to land me this, my 101st Richard--almost 70% of his 145 issues--along with the following card, a sum I happily paid late last month.

LaMarr Woodley 2009 Topps Magic auto
While waiting on the Richard auction to wind down, I did what everyone else does and had a look at the seller's other auctions to take advantage of combined shipping.  Imagine my surprise, though, when this gem popped up!  I'm slowly working on the Wolverines autos from the gorgeous 2009 Topps Magic set, and Woodley here is my sixth (Arrington, Askew, Henne, Henson, Breaston).  I simply love the looks of these artistic wonders, especially the fact that all players appear in their college unis, even if they weren't celebrating their rookie seasons in 2009; on the contrary, most are seasoned veterans.  I hope to track down the others--including Tom Brady, eep!--before all is said and done.  As for Woodley, this card, my eighth hit of the new Raider, is easily my new favorite.

Coming up in the next day or so--depending on how lazy I am--will be a finale of sorts for my recent eBay purchases, but the timing's good since I should have a nice COMC package to show off soon, and before that I'll have a brand spanking new trade post as well!


  1. They don't look good on scans but I do like the "uncirculated" aspect/case of those Topps autos. I have a number of them, though not Jim Abbott. Great buy!

    1. Yeah, I wish they scanned better, but for the odd autograph uncirculated is fun--just not for relics. Thanks!

  2. I like that Abbott auto even though he isn't in his maize and blue.

    1. Oh yeah, there's a criminally low number of those for sure. There was a UD convention auto of him in a UM uni I've wanted for a while but it's been a while since I've seen one.