Monday, April 21, 2014

April 19 card show report

As I mentioned over on TMV yesterday, I hit up my monthly show in Taylor after not having been since last November.  The bulk of my budget went to a box of 2013 Upper Deck football, reviewed in that post, and the rest went to a pair of $15 purchases that included singles for me and trade bait for some of you.

Besides the hits, the highlight of the UD box was this base card of Anthony Carter, my only Wolverine:
Go ahead, try to tell me that set's not awesome--I'm not listening!

The singles purchases were split into two:  one was a small group of cards, two of which you'll see here, one which will show up on TMV (maybe tomorrow), and some trade bait.  The other was made up of quarter and $0.50 boxes:  25 for $5 from the former, and 12 for $5 of the latter (in which I double-dipped, totaling $15).  You'll see a few of those today too, some on TMV, and maybe others in your mailbox!

Charlie Gehringer 1983 Galasso 1933 Goudey Reprints (#222)
Charlie Gehringer 1985 Galasso 1934 Goudey Reprints (#23)
Charlie Gehringer 1985 Galasso 1938 Goudey Heads Up Reprints (#265)
First up, from the quarter boxes, is a trio of oddball Charlie Gehringer reprints.  I hadn't heard of this Galasso set before, but the reprints are very cool as they come from some very famous sets indeed.  You really can't go wrong with any of them.  I now have 16 cards of the Mechanical Man.

Barry Larkin 1996 Topps Gallery Expressionists
Next is a Larkin insert I found for $0.50.  If there had been more Larkins I promise you I would have picked up more.  This is a beautiful Topps Gallery insert set, I just wish Topps had chosen a better expression for Barry, who had plenty to smile about during his career!  Anyway, this is my 212th Larkin.

J.J. Putz 2000 Royal Rookies Futures Autographs auto (#3443/4950)
Today's last card from the $0.50 box was a surprise hit:  a Putz auto I've wanted for a while, but never picked up because nobody in their right mind would pay more than $1 for it.  Royal Rookies is an unlicensed junky brand, but an auto is an auto.  The seller actually had three of these but I didn't see any reason to grab more than one; if anybody else wants one, I'll keep an eye out for them next time.  It doesn't go towards his PC checklist, but it's my 185th overall Putz, including 1/1s, and 13th hit.

I got this last pair for $10 from the other seller:
Ronald Bellamy 2003 TK Legacy auto
My TK Legacy momentum has slowed quite a bit since earlier this year, so I was happy to dig this Bellamy auto up.  The guy actually had a few others from the Hail to the Victors National Champs auto subset, but said he'd "have to research them" because "some of those guys might be dead."  Uh, ok man, whatever, I'll just take this one.  It's my third Bellamy auto, and better yet, it's my 79th from the M Go Blue set!  Bonus points, of course, for the Michigan uni, plus more for a gorgeous signature.  Well worth $5 for me.
Chris Perry 2004 Fleer Platinum Pro Material Jerseys Autographs Die Cut jersey auto (#04/25)
The other $5 went toward this sweet die-cut jersey/auto of Chris Perry.  I was already sold on it before I flipped it over and noticed the very low serial-numbering.  I actually already had the "regular" version, so this was a nice get for me.  It's my 35th hit of the former star RB, breaking him out of a three-way tie for 8th place with David Terrell and Leon Hall, and putting him one card behind WR Jason Avant.  And who knows, I might try to track down the other versions!

Although this show tested my patience (and stamina--I flipped through a LOT of boxes!), I'm quite happy with how I did, ending up with a nice mix of useful stuff.  I don't know when I'll go back next, but hopefully I'll have as much luck then as I did on Saturday.


  1. Man I need to get to a show. Looks like you did pretty well!

    1. Are you kidding? With the stuff you end up with you're doing just fine! I'd love to hit up a show with you, though, if we're ever in the same area.