Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 eBay purchase #7: Little Leon and the Mini Kid

For such a little card, the one in today's post ended up being a pretty big one.  It hails from a fan favorite set, 1975 Topps Mini, and despite its small stature it manages to cram four players onto it.  I'm talking, of course, about a Topps multiplayer RC!  This one in particular:
Leon Roberts 1975 Topps Mini RC (with Carter, Hill, Meyer)
This here is the second of Leon Roberts' pair of '75 Topps RCs, with the other being the flagship version I already owned.  I managed to land it for a very reasonable $6.50 on eBay earlier this month, and it arrived in pretty nice condition.  Of course, Roberts will forever be in the shadow of HOF catcher Gary Carter, and rightly so--and how great is the "catchers-outfielders" combo that drew these players together?  This may be another notable RC of The Kid, but I'm thrilled to have added another needed Roberts to the PC.  

Here he's joined by fellow Tiger Danny Meyer, a 1972 fourth-rounder and a corner IF/LF that managed to eke out a 12-year career despite producing a negative WAR!  He did have a bit of success with Seattle after being grabbed during their expansion draft.

Also along for the ride is Marc Hill, a Giants catcher that was a 10th-round pick of the Cards in 1970 (a few choices before the Reds took future Carter teammate Ray Knight).  He was a Giant for six of his surprising 14 MLB seasons, even if his career was unspectacular.  With Carter's 19 and Roberts' 11, all four players on this card had double-digit seasons in the Bigs to their names, which is the mark of a successful prospects card as far as I'm concerned.

Not only is this a great addition to my baseball PC, but as I alluded to earlier, it's a big one for Roberts' collection--I'm now one card short of his entire run, though it'll be the toughest to get:  his 1975 O-Pee-Chee, whose value is also bumped up by Carter's presence.  No worries, I'll find one, I'll celebrate another great card of the Kid, and then I'll head back here to pop some champagne over another completed PC, so stay tuned!

Also, feel free to head over to TMV to see me discuss the same card, but with a focus on Carter.

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