Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 COMC pickups #7: Football (and hockey) Sunday

Today's post features some of the best stuff I picked up this time, because it's all hits, baby!  Although it's not pro or college football season, it's still a Sunday, and the last day of the NHL regular season as well, so let's have a look at some hockey and football pickups:
Danny Richmond 2005-06 SPx jersey auto RC (#1672/1999)
Here's one for JediJeff!  I only have one other Blackhawk in my Michigan Hockey PC, and it's an autograph of Andrew Ebbett from five years ago.  In this case I jumped at the chance to add such a nice jersey/auto/RC of a guy who was also a new member to the PC, D-man Danny Richmond.  He played just one season in Ann Arbor, then left as a high draft pick (2nd round, 2003), playing for Carolina and then Chicago in his brief three-year career.
He's also one of four players for whom I have cards in this set now, joining Al Montoya, Eric Nystrom, and Jeff Tambellini.  By my count that looks to be all the Wolverine icers in the set!

Mike Hart 2008 Topps Rookie Progression Rookie Autographs Red auto (#09/79)
A lowish-numbered auto of Mike Hart in a Michigan uni?  Don't mind if I do!  And what's that?  It's only two dollars?  Excuse me while I see how quickly I can depress the "purchase" button, my dear sir!  2008 Rookie Progression is one of those rare Topps sets I really like because it includes college uniform photos.  By the way, this is my 52nd Mike Hart hit, and 49th overall that includes an auto, so 50 here I come!
Chad Henne 2012 Panini Playbook Accolades Signatures auto (#31/49)
What Henne accolade is this card honoring, you might ask?  Well it's not like he's had a ton of big moments in the pros, so don't be too surprised that it's a college event, and easily one of Chad's best:  the 2008 Citrus Bowl (I ain't calling it the Capital One Bowl, corporate tools!).  Henne and company let outgoing coach Lloyd Carr leave on a high note in a win over favored Florida and football Jesus Tim Tebow.  Chad, the MVP, went 25/39 for 373 yards and 3 TDs, including the game-winner to Adrian Arrington with about 4:00 left.  All of that is the subject of this card, my 63rd Henne hit, as he makes his way toward leader Jake Long's total of 67.
Marlin Jackson 2005 Upper Deck Foundations auto RC (#466/699)
A quick side note:  if you search for this guy on COMC, be ready to get Florida Marlins named "Jackson" in your results!  Anyway, I scored my 15th Marlin hit in the form of this auto/RC which cost me just a bit more than $2, a price I was happy to pay for the talented-but-oft-injured DB.  If you check out the rest of his autographs in the football PC you'll note he has a very consistent signature.
Mike Martin 2012 Panini Prizm Autographs auto (#418/499)
Martin is today's milestone man as this is his 10th hit (all autos) in my collection.  The large-and-in-charge DL appears on this 2012 Prizm auto whose design I can't help but like for some reason.  By the way, it's a fun dichotomy to compare this to a card from the baseball version, which obviously can't include team logos.  MLB needs to end that monopoly or I'm gonna send Martin and those pythons their way!
Chris Perry 2004 Leaf Limited jersey auto RC (#077/150)
Q:  What have we learned today?  A:  Shiny, reflective cards are very hard to scan.  That's why you can't see the bulk of this Leaf Limited jersey/auto/RC, but at least the most important elements--the signature and swatch--are plain as day.  That's a pretty nice three-color jersey piece, bordering on patch status, really.  Would you believe I threw down just $2.50 for this?  It's my 34th hit of the former stud back.
Charles Woodson 2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game jersey
I don't chase relics that much anymore, but I do like adding hits of Woodson where I can, and this one--which was again relevant last season--was a steal at just $4.50.  Panini did a fantastic job with this type of relic back in the day, featuring actual game-worn swatches which were a nice size, then giving collectors even more confidence with an image of the jersey on the back.  This fantastic swatch from one of Michigan's and the NFL's all-timers came from a game-used Raiders black jersey, and now it's part of my collection, joining four other relics, two manufactured relics, a patch, and my favorite, the jersey/auto I picked up earlier this year!  I'll have him in double-digits before you know it.

Two posts remain in this COMC series, and then I have plenty more good stuff to show you from Blowout, eBay, and Sportlots!


  1. I just picked up a Mike Hart auto for under $2, if I ever get around to scanning it, I'll show it to you, although he's in his Colts jersey. Nice grabs there, That Perry is pretty slick, I'm a sucker for patch cards and you got an auto on it, very nice.

    1. Sounds good, and you know I'm more tolerant of pro unis than you are, even if the college ones are best.

  2. Nice haul! Can I nitpick? Ok, i will. Chad Henne. Are there two L's in Chad? Really?

    1. What, you don't instantly recognize the signature of "All H"? He actually used to sign a more recognizable "Henne," but it looks like he's always had those "L"s going on for some reason!