Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 trade package #8: a colorful package from SCFtDS

Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store is back again for another fantastic trade package, so let's get right to it!

I'm holding onto Steve Howe cards but probably won't be making him a PC.  The Ontiveros and Kamieniecki cards are dupes, but I really don't mind those because a good amount of what I have is tied up in complete sets.

Charlie Gehringer 2013 Panini Cooperstown Blue Crystal (#230/499)
This, however, was new to a PC, and looks amazing to boot--it's the Blue Crystal parallel of the 2013 base Cooperstown card.  As I like to say, blue parallels are always the best!  This is also my 10th Gehringer card, finally putting that PC in double digits, which is a fun little milestone. 

Here's a base card of Braylon Edwards I'm not sure if I had.  I wonder if he'll be back in the NFL at some point since he's still fairly young, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's done at this point.

Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Magic Rookie Enchantment
Doug pulled this a while ago, and because he's awesome he immediately set it aside for me since we pretty much trade 20 times a month.  Ordinarily purple might be weird, but it works reasonably well with Jacksonville's colors.  By the way, this card screams "Gypsy Queen" to me.

Here's the requisite hockey inclusions, and as usual, they're fun while adding nicely to my collections of each player.  The die-cut Crown Royale Turco is my favorite, and I think I'll track down some of the other Wolverines in that set.

And now for the hits:
Chris Getz 2008 Just Autographs Signatures Gold auto (#41/50)
Mr. C got a nice deal on this along with some other stuff which is great since the original asking price was an arm and a leg.  While it's a minors card and doesn't go towards his PC checklist, it's happily now a part of his collection, my 14th Getz hit and 65th card overall.  In an interesting twist, not only is the card a sticker auto, but the serial number on the back is also on a holographic sticker!  I like the action shot and simple design here, so this was a nice pickup by Doug.

Steve Shields 2000-01 SP Authentic Sign of the Times auto
Doug sent me a scan of this card and mentioned he was surprised to have found a Shields auto I didn't have.  I know there's still a decent number of them floating around, some of which are too expensive right now, so I'm really just pleasantly surprised he didn't mind sending me a hit that includes a really nice mask shot, not to mention Shields' beautiful signature (featuring his jersey number!).  This is my sixth Shields hit, all of which are autographs.  What a great example of the quality of SP Authentic autographs.

Jeff Tambellini 2005-06 SP Authentic auto RC (#836/999)
Finally, I ended up with this really nice auto/RC (also SP Authentic!) of former Wolverines lamp-lighter Jeff Tambellini.  Believe it or not, although I now have four hits of him, this is my first hit that's "only" an autograph (two relics and an auto/jersey) in the hockey PC.  This reminds me that I should look for similar cards of my other icer favorites.  You really can't go wrong with the classy design, on-card auto, and serial-numbering.

It's kind of hard to believe this is only my third trade package from Doug this year, although I'm certainly happy with a less frantic pace that gives me a bit more time to respond in kind.  I've already advocated for everyone to follow Sports Cards From the Dollar Store and get trading with Doug, so I'll just take one more opportunity to say thanks!

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