Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 JustCommons purchase #1: Maddox, Roberts, and Sizemore

Back in February I threw down around $30 on JustCommons to shore up some of my PCs and pick up a bit of trade bait that eventually went to Doug.  I now have everything scanned and tagged so I can show it off to those of you who are interested.

Today you'll see 10 cards representing three players I like to lump together since that's how I originally announced my intention to collect them:
Elliott Maddox 1979 O-Pee-Chee
Elliott Maddox 1980 Topps
Elliott Maddox 1981 Fleer
Maddox is a bit of an anomaly in this post, and I'll be you can figure it out pretty quickly if you jump down to flip through the rest of the cards.  I'll reveal the answers at the bottom.
I came into the day with only a pair of Maddox cards, so adding this trio make a surprisingly large dent, jumping me up to about 20%.  He obviously wasn't a star, so I was glad to be able to pay bare minimum prices for issues that weren't terribly rare, though I always feel better when I can land the OPC cards since they can be surprisingly elusive.
Thanks to some other recent purchases you should be seeing a lot more of Elliott pretty soon!

Leon Roberts 1976 Topps Traded
Leon Roberts 1981 Topps
Leon Roberts 1985 Topps
As the '76 Topps Traded card notes, former Tiger Leon Roberts was indeed sent to Houston in a seven player deal that netted Detroit pitcher Jim Crawford (who sucked for three seasons and then retired), catcher Milt May (who was so-so, then sold to the White Sox, but lasted until '84), and pitcher Dave Roberts (no relation) (who wasn't awful, then was sold to the Cubs after less than two seasons).  The Mariners were Leon's next stop, and he had a pretty nice three years for them.  Texas and Toronto were next before he played his final two years with the Royals, whom the Tigers beat in the '84 playoffs.
A trio of Roberts cards doubles his collection to six, good for about 20%, though again, I have a nice number incoming to supplement those!

Ted Sizemore 1976 Topps
Ted Sizemore 1978 Topps
Ted Sizemore 1979 Topps
Ted Sizemore 1980 Topps
Last up is a quartet of Ted Sizemore issues.  These are actually the first I've been able to show off on the blog since I didn't have any in-hand before now.  The 1969 NL Rookie of the Year opened his career with the Dodgers, but you'll have to wait for cards of him with that team.  Instead of Dodger blue, you'll be seeing red, and lots of it.  Ted's second team was the Cards, and he was with them for five seasons, the most in his career with any team.  After a one-year pit stop back in LA, he joined the Phillies in 1977-78, both years of which are recorded in the middle cards above.  After spending most of the '79 season with the Cubs, he was sent to the Red Sox, with whom he finished his career in 1980--which didn't really warrant an appearance in the '81 set.
Ted has 23 cards on his checklist, so I'm well on my way at 17%, with--you guessed it!--a bunch more coming soon.

I'll be back with more such posts soon!

Elliott Maddox trivia-ish answers:

1.  Maddox appears with the same team on all three cards, while Roberts is pictured with three different teams over his trio, and Sizemore is also shown with three total in his quartet.
2.  Maddox's cards hail from three different brands (counting OPC, which you should) while Roberts' and Sizemore's are all Topps.

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