Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 eBay purchases #50 and 51: more like J.J. P-bay

Two of my eBay purchases from this week arrived in time for me to show them off together today, so here's a post featuring some stuff I've been excited to post about:

Matt Miller 2011 Topps Heritage Minors Black Border (#62/62)
I didn't start with this one on purpose since I'm going alphabetically, but it happens to be the pickup I'm most excited about this time.  And why would that be?  Well I'll tell you:  it's my 16th Matt Miller pickup, and he has exactly 17 cards in his non-1/1 collection!  I'd only seen one other seller list one on eBay (or anywhere for that matter) and that idiot wanted a mint for it.  Not so with this person, who readily accepted my fair Best Offer along with the card you'll see next, for about $7.50 delivered.  Besides putting me just one card (2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Signature Status Gold auto /5) short of Miller's collection, it gives me all three of his from that set, including the base and Blue Tint cards.  I don't know if I'll be waiting a long time, or even ever find that 17th card, but it's a thrill to be this close to 100%!

J.J. Putz 2005 Studio Private Signings Silver auto (#066/100)
J.J. Putz 2011 Topps Black (#49/60)
J.J. Putz 2012 Topps Silk Collection (#48/50)
Are you ready for a couple new milestones?  If you're reading this blog you know I'm big on them, so of course you are!  The Studio auto is my 10th hit of J.J., which is a nice little marker to reach.  Also, I'm now officially over the 50% hump for Putz's collection, now standing at 156/307 IHAS cards.  I just showed off my other '05 Studio pieces on Wednesday, so I won't rehash those.  The '11 Black, along with the Silk and the Clayton Richard card below came in another lot of auctions I won in rapid succession, for a total of less than $9 shipped.  From 2011 flagship it looks like I just need his Hope Diamond and Target inserts (and, I guess, Diamondback Topps) for the rainbow.  The Silk, which hails from one of my favorite Topps insert sets, puts me just a few other inserts away.  It's never a bad day when all of your pickups are numbered to 100 or less!
Clayton Richard 2011 Topps Black (#28/60)
When I was searching for Putz stuff and added the two inserts above, I happened to notice this Richard Black ending around the same time at the same kind of really low price, so I went for it and won.  I still need a couple Chrome Refractors and the Target insert from that year, but when I'm finished that'll be a great rainbow.  This is my 78th IHAS Clayton Card (plus three 1/1s) out of his 131-card PC.  I also have a nice chunk more to show off very soon from other packages.

I'll tease you guys with the promise of one more very exciting eBay item headed my way very soon, but for now, my next few posts should continue the series of pickups I made over on SportLots.

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