Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #36: an Artifact protected by top men. TOP. Men.

Sorry for the not-so-surprising lull in posting--I've been putting a lot of time in getting parts of my collection organized and in some cases cataloged, especially when it comes to my player collections.  I have a growing number of PC players I want to scan, and many of those cards reside in my completed sets in boxes, meaning I have to dig them out and scan them, meaning I have to figure out exactly where they are.  Lots of work!  It'll be worth it in the end, of course.

Because I'm spending a lot of time on that project, I don't have a ton of time or energy for blogging, but I did at least want to get back to posting some of my recent pickups, most of which are from eBay (as I await yet another COMC package, plus some others from SportLots that also include PC players!).  So today you get just one card, but it's a pretty cool one:
Bill Freehan 2005 Artifacts Autofacts auto (#245/599)
Man am I happy I finally have one of these.  I've seen it come up on eBay a ton, but never at anything near a reasonable price.  I realize that Freehan's declining health the last few years means fewer certified autos, but this isn't even close to a rare card.  Anyway, when I saw this one with a pretty low price close to closing last Sunday, I pounced and won it for $4.75 plus $3 shipping.  It hit my mailbox today, and this is another one of those cards that scans just don't do any justice.  I've seen a number of different looks at the card on eBay, but I was really impressed when I got to eyeball it in-person.

This is now my 18th Freehan hit (and 11th autograph) in his PC, and it's also his 57th IHAS card overall, including a plate.  Though it's getting a bit tougher finding new stuff of his, I'm still getting pretty close to 50%, which will be cause for celebration as always.  Welcome home, Bill!  Now to lock this card up in a warehouse never to be seen again....


  1. Nice pick-up. I've always like the Artifacts autos, they're pretty slick.

    1. Thanks--yeah, I hadn't seen too many of them until recently, but I have to agree with you. Also in their favor: not Topps.