Wednesday, January 30, 2013

COMC Purchase #7–Michigan Wolverines

Jeff here, didn’t want to get you confused with the COMC purchase but Dennis has got me hooked on the site and I have all but abandoned Ebay.  This is the 7th and last of my latest COMC purchase but the 1st of the #1 ranked NCAA men’s basketball team, the Michigan Wolverines

I had some money burning a hole through my COMC account and decided to spend it. The negative – I forgot to leave $3 to to pay for the shipping, so I had to add another $10 so I could ship them. The positive – that gave me another $7 to spend. I basically went through each player collection and picked up some cheap cards that I didn’t have. The following is previous entry’s on this purchase.

Dave Dravecky CollectionLuis Aparicio CollectionPaul Konerko CollectionTom Seaver Collection1981 Topps1973 Topps – Michigan Collection

All those link go to my other blog “My Sports Obsession, but obviously, today’s purchases belong here.  I purchased these after I added $10 to my account and just went looking for a few cards so these aren’t my usual cheap purchases.


Barry Larkin - 2008 Donruss Threads College Greats ($1.20)

I know this is just a base card, but it’s freaking Barry Larkin, in a Michigan uniform.  I couldn’t pass that up even when it’s over a buck.


Mike Hart - 2008 SAGE Squared Autographs ($2.75)

Mike Hart autograph, oh yeah.  Although I should just cut the bottom half of the card off but he probably just drove the price down so I could afford the card.  I’m sure that’s it.


Zach Putnam - 2008 Razor Signature Series ($1.15)

Even though I love the Barry Larkin card above, I considered this my prize and at just over a buck, is awesome.  I’ve said it before but I really need to work on my Michigan baseball collection.  And what better cards to keep that going then a Larkin and a Putnam auto.


  1. I really like that Larkin--hadn't seen that one before! I'll try to get one for me eventually. I love the triple UM-uni post too!

    1. I just stumbled on the Larkin, thought it was pretty cool.

    2. Yeah, definitely. Not sure how I hadn't stumbled onto it myself, but since I'm not supercollecting him I guess I don't look quite as hard at his stuff. Nice find!