Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #1: Hartsky and Hutch

That's right, I'm putting the COMC Haul posts on hiatus for a day because I wanted to show off my first (and so far only!) purchase of 2013.  An eBay seller had one card I was very, very interested in, and then I noticed he had another that would totally make combined shipping worth the effort.  It was touch and go for a bit because the card I wanted more would finish about a minute after the card I wanted less, and I didn't want to get stuck paying shipping on the latter by itself.  Fortunately it all worked out, and thanks to about $3 in eBay bucks I got this pair of cards for less than $7 delivered!:
Mike Hart 2008 SP Rookie Lettermen 'A' patch auto (#03/62)
While I already had one of these letters for each Wolverine in the set, I decided to see if I could find more for around $10 or under each.  Back in November I snagged seconds of Henne, Arrington and Long, meaning I had two of each of them and one each of Hart and Shawn Crable.  Well, for just a few bucks I've nabbed my second Hart, and now I might just have designs on getting a nameplate of him, especially since I only need the "H" and "T."  There was no way I could go wrong with another letter patch auto of one of my favorite players for just $5.  Oh yeah, and some bigger news:  this is Mike Hart hit #40 for me!  Mike is just the fourth member of the 40-hit club, joining Jake Long, Chad Henne and Braylon Edwards.  Don't forget I still have plenty more to scan from COMC, though.

Steve Hutchinson 2001 Press Pass SE Bronze auto
My other pickup for a measly $0.99 was this Michigan uniform on-card auto of future HOF OL Steve Hutchinson.  I'm now up to five hits of the star guard, and three of those are autographs, but this is the only one of the group that's on-card.  I know many collectors aren't fans of the Press Pass and SAGE sets of the world, but for me, there's nothing like a simple design featuring the player in a college game paired up with a good-looking signature.  Hutchinson is one of the greatest OL ever to play the game, both at Michigan and in the NFL, so I'm very happy to be putting together a growing PC of his better cards.

That's it for now, but I'm watching quite a few things on eBay and should also be hitting up a show towards the end of the month, so hopefully I'll have more new stuff for you soon.  Until then, stay tuned for plenty more COMC haul posts as I work on finishing up that stack of pickups!


  1. Look forward to seeing the HART cards together, when you finish them.

    1. Oh you know I'll be bragging if I manage to pull that off. I'm actually looking at picking up another one tomorrow, so cross your fingers!