Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rich? e-Rich!

My 80th Rich Hill in my now-organized PC of him is this card,
2007 eTopps (#601/749)
I picked it up on eBay earlier this week at a reasonable price considering it's the only one I've ever seen for sale.  Rich isn't the type of guy to have people clamoring to get his one and only eTopps issue delivered, I guess, but I bought it from a guy that appears to just about exclusively deal in that set, which worked out for me.  This is one of those sets that's difficult to scan because the card is uncirculated and therefore encased, and I'm inclined to leave it that way.  Still, you can kind of tell it's a Refractor-type card done in the style of 1985 Topps, which is kind of cool.  And if you look at it from the side, you can REALLY tell it's a Chrome-like card since, even in that case, it shows tell-tale signs of bending.  Still, it's a very cool and unique card to add to my collection of Hill.  Here's the back for completeness' sake:
Good news for the few of you (if any) that like seeing me post Rich Hill stuff:  I have some more of him coming in via SportLots pretty soon, and then a LOT via COMC at some point, so stay tuned (or tune out)!

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