Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'll buy THAT for a dollar! Zach Putnam edition

Yeah, I've been noticing I hadn't posted anything for quite a while, but I just didn't have anything new come in for a while and was trying to put a tad more focus into TMV.  Fortunately, I did make a nice, cheap eBay pickup, and that arrived today:

This here is a Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Signature Series Blue auto (#09/25).  It's the lowest-numbered version of the trio I now have, including the "base"
and Black
versions.  Apparently a "Double Black" version #d to 5 exists, so I'll keep my eye out for that, but I'm pretty happy just to have these three more normal versions.  Michigan fans will likely join me in appreciating the Blue edition the most, for obvious reasons.  Though it's not a "Michigan" blue, it looks fantastic on the card and really makes the on-card blue signature pop.  Zach's got a pretty nice signature as it is, with the easy-to-read first name and not-terrible last name.

Here's a fun little milestone while we're at it:  my eighth "regular" (e.g. non-Razor Letterman manupatch) auto of Putnam jumps him into the 20-card club, second only to Rich Hill and his amazing 49.  Overall baseball, meanwhile, hits 108 while the overall Michigan collection gets over the Slurpee hump and now stands at 712.  Those numbers will rise dramatically once I get my biggest-yet COMC package shipped whenever they figure out their new shipping fees.  While I wait on that, I'll see what I can do about some original content.  Or, you know, I'll just buy something else on eBay....

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