Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheap FreeBay pickup, Premium-style

It's a little bit like Christmas here at TMM, and not just because we experienced snow (just weeks after enjoying a beautiful 80-degree March) and chilly temperatures today.

In the tradition of one of Jeff's running themes, here's something I picked up on the cheap from the 'bay.  It was actually free thanks to eBay bucks, and was the first thing I saw that I wanted when I searched football items at under $2 with free shipping:

Tim Biakabutuka 1996 Skybox Premium auto

I find it a little goofy that he's wearing what seems to be an airbrushed helmet, unless the picture was snapped at a moment during training camp when he was too new to have a real Carolina helmet for some reason.  In any case, it adds to my Tim B. collection and is now my fifth total auto (out of six cards) of the former standout Wolverine RB.  It's also a nice full-bleed design, which I can certainly appreciate as it makes up for the rather bland rest of the design.  Also, I give him a pass on his signature since I wouldn't want to have to write out a name that long either, especially as many times as he probably had to sign for this set and others.

1 comment:

  1. Sure, link me when you talk about being cheap.

    I never did like those kinds of cards where they used workout pictures. It's one thing to airbrush logo's out, it's another to use those kinds of pics.

    I wonder if he ever forgot how to spell his own last name.