Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keepin' cool with A.C.

No, despite the slightly warmer temperatures up here recently (soon to dip back to normal, right on time for the weekend), I'm not referring to air conditioning, but a couple new pickups.

I realize I'm sounding all First World Problems here, but sometimes it's nice to have just a pair of cards to post about--less work, less hassle.  Well, today's pair hails from the usual spot:  Blowout.  A guy was selling some excellent lots, one of which was Michigan-centric and another of which was very in tune with Jeff's PC, and therefore will be part of our upcoming trade (dude's gonna FREAK!).  The guy cut me a very nice deal, especially considering his already reasonable prices, so I bit, despite having made another fairly large COMC purchase, which will turn into a ton of new posts likely starting next week.  So here's what I picked up this time:

 Anthony Carter 2008 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition Bowl Busters auto (#114/150)
Anthony Carter 2008 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures auto

These are my second and third A.C. autos (the first, also Press Pass, is right hyah) and I'm totally thrilled to have them, especially because both feature great shots of the former #1 in action with the Wolverines.  Carter is a Michigan legend and easily one of the greatest WRs to suit up for the Maize and blue, so I can definitely use anything I can find of him.  2008 Press Pass included a few sets that featured Carter autographs, hence my current bounty of three of them.  As you can see, his is an excellent signature to own because it's so consistently legible.

The Saturday Signatures is my favorite, probably because of the full color factor, plus I already have a similar Mario Manningham.  That and he's striking the Heisman pose years before Desmond Howard did it.  And speaking of those two, I met both at an event last year, and A.C. turned out to be pretty cool.  The result of that signing was this sweet autographed picture, with A.C.'s autograph being vastly superior to Desmond's.

So now I have three autographs of a legendary Michigan WR, and hopefully I'll be pulling more in before long!

I don't anticipate my COMC package to arrive before Saturday, if not Monday, but keep an eye out on Sunday for pictures from tomorrow and Saturday's Michigan playoff hockey games against Notre Dame since that's where I'll be spending the majority of my energy over the next two days!


  1. Those are some awesome cards of an awesome Wolverine. Great finds there! And I look forward to freaking!

    I heard about the hockey games, I was hoping they'd be on TV somewhere since I live near the other school but I can't find a listing anywhere. DAMN IT!!!

    GO BLUE!!!!!

    1. Thanks, and I hope to allow you to commence freaking soon, if I can just get that COMC package.

      I know the hockey games will be on locally, but college hockey is treated like a second-class citizen in most parts of the country, and really you only find it nationally come NCAA playoff time, if that.