Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next year for some, this year for others

Well, that was clearly another classic Super Bowl, and while I'm crushed that Brady and the pats came up JUST SHORT (and actually narrowly cost me a few bucks), I do have a few things to be thankful for.  For one thing, Brady had another excellent overall game, aside from the safety and costly pick.  A couple dropped passes fall his way and we're talking about Montana and Bradshaw knocking people over to get his autograph. I still know he's ahead of any QB named Manning (while I give Eli lots of credit for beating Brady head-to-head in Super Bowls twice, Brady's body of work is much more impressive, at least for now, though he's made quite a resume for himself) and that when all is said and done, he'll be one of the top three QBs ever.

More importantly, two more Michigan Men will get rings--center David Baas and WR Mario Manningham.

Eli, whose highest completed level of education was Ole Miss, and therefore a second grade reading level, often gets easily confused when he sees Mario's jersey and thinks he's supposed to be eating ham
I'm especially happy for Mario because he made one of the greatest Super Bowl catches ever on the Giants' game-winning drive, then piled up a few more receptions on the same drive after being frustratingly ignored by slack-jawed yokel QB Eli Manning for most of the game.  Check out a video of the reception, made over-the-shoulder while dealing with two defenders right in front of the Pats' sideline.  He just manages to drag both feet in-bounds while maintaining possession on a very difficult catch (bullshit Calvin Johnson rule need not apply here) that was reviewed and ultimately upheld.  With the Giants in the shadow of their own end zone and behind late in the game, that was huge.  His total:  five of nine targets for 73 yards and a team-leading 14.6 YPC.
Who's awesome?  YOU'RE awesome!
So congrats to the Giants who, thanks to Eli Manning, executed comeback after comeback this year after falling behind often, thanks to Eli Manning, who's at least not as bad as his overrated older brother who's only won ONE Super Bowl (how lame is that?).  But they clearly couldn't have done it without Baas and my vote for Super Bowl MVP, Mario Manningham.  He's the New Math, baby!

I guess what I'm trying to say is, go Super Mario and GO BLUE!
The Manningham Difference:  the Michigan difference


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    1. It was even better because Collinsworth was falling all over himself criticizing Mario's technique earlier. He did give the guy props, though, for coming up with such a difficult catch at such an important time.