Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As unlikely as basketball on my blog: a Blowout trade!

You all know I throw a lot of cash (too much, really) on the Blowout forums at times, but occasionally I see stuff there I just have to have. Well today's post adheres to my 2012 resolutions to increase trading and spend less money on collecting.  It just happens to be odd that my most recent interaction with Blowout was a trade.

Another member--a fellow Michigander, as it turns out, but a couple hours away--posted a wantlist of 2010 Topps football inserts after he busted some sort of case--I'm pretty sure it was hobby, but I forget--and decided to pursue a master set.  Anyway, I still had a pretty nice pile of those left over from my jumbo box I purchased that year.  While he ended up need a good amount of the Legendary Lineage et al, what sealed the deal for him was my throwing in a few Gold parallels, useful to him since that's such a large set.

Besides being able to get some use out of those inserts, I was interested because he was offering some fairly decent low-end relics, among other cards, for this stuff.  That led to me getting a total of six cards out of the deal, five of which you'll see here, though you can find the other over at TMG/V.  Here's the part of the haul that should interest you who read THIS blog:

2011 Leaf Certified Parallels of Super Bowl winner Mario Manningham, Chad Henne, Braylon Edwards and Steve Breaston

I wasn't actually sure if he was going to throw these in because he was already being more than fair with what he sent me, as you'll see, so I'm definitely happy to have them.  They kind of have that old-school Pinnacle Dufex kind of thing going on and look fantastic, especially in-person.  It doesn't always take a hit to impress me, it just helps is all.
Amani Toomer 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Tried and True jersey
While flipping through his trade bait list, this was the card I most wanted, since obviously it adds to my Michigan PC.  It's kind of a goofy shape for a relic swatch, but at least it's a nice solid Giants blue jersey piece.  And any new Toomer is a good Toomer for me--hell, you might even call it benign!  But seriously, I'm happy to have my seventh Toomer overall and sixth relic of the standout WR.  This alone would have been sufficient as far as I was concerned, but I managed to talk him into sending one other card which, again, you can see right here.

So hooray for a rare trade for me on Blowout, though you'll get to see the results of a similar deal very soon, plus another eBay win.

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