Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wolverine trade post #2: reader Kevin H.

Now that my COMC package arrived and my latest eBay haul is due to arrive tomorrow (with a bit more on the way) I promise to get back to your regularly scheduled blowout very soon.  However, I received something else in the mail today that takes precedence, since it was more in the spirit of the hobby than just throwing cash at the internet in exchange for cards:  I made a trade!

Kevin H., a reader of this here blog, asked about one of my Michigan TK Legacy dupe autographs that, until recently, I had available in my trade bait.  I ended up sending the rest Jeff's way because of his interest in autographs of players in Michigan unis, but I had no problem trading an extra Hayden Epstein for a choice of one of his extras.  After looking over my options, I was happy to select this guy:

Player #63 in my football PC and card #397 (for now!) is this Pete Elliott 2002 TK Legacy Michigan auto.  Besides the fact that Elliott is a player I didn't have, he's not only a vintage guy, he's also part of the sweet looking Quarterback Club set.  Well, that and he has an excellent autograph.
Pete and his brother Bump both played for the Wolverines, 1945-1948 in Pete's case, overlapping with his brother in '46 and '47.  1947 was a pretty good year in which the 11-0 Wolverines won the Rose Bowl and a national title.  The following year, Pete quarterbacked Michigan to a 9-0 record and an AP-recognized title,  the Wolverines' 10th and most recent until Brian Griese, Charles Woodson and the 1997 squad came up roses.

Both Elliotts went on to become coaches, Pete at six different schools and Bump at three, including a tenure as Michigan's coach from 1959-1968, after which he was succeeded by some guy named Glenn Steambuckler or something--he's the guy on the left here, if that helps, while Bump is on the right, both flanking legendary AD Don Canham.

Ok, that kind of turned into a tangent about Bump, but today is Pete's day on this blog.  I'm excited about adding a new unique player to the PC, I really like how the card looks and I'm thrilled that he becomes the oldest player in the collection, at least for now.  A big thanks again to Kevin, with whom some of you may have already traded.  Since we're both Michigan Men, I forsee more trades in the future, and considering his impressive gallery of Michigan autos, I hope he gets a blog up and running soon!


  1. He definitely needs a blog to showcase all those auto's. Very nice collection Kevin.

    1. That he does. Don't forget to check out his other stuff, such as the 8x10s, too.