Monday, February 11, 2019

2/2/19 show report: a Feb-Blue-ary kind of show

As I described on TMV this evening, February's show resulted in less quantity than I'm used to, and this time most of it was concentrated on stuff I posted on that blog.  But I did come home with a quartet of dime and quarter inserts I was happy to pull from the mountain of boxes I sifted through:
DB Jamar Adams was one of the lesser known guys from my favorite draft class, the '08s, and his NFL career lasted all of eight games over three seasons, but don't think I wasn't excited to come up with that '08 Donruss Threads Gridiron Kings insert of the former Wolverine in his college duds!  I'll have to do some work to figure how if I'm missing any Michigan players from the set.

Card #2 calls back to the second post in my most recent Sportlots series when I showed off a bunch of RCs for my collection, including those of Michigan-to-USC transfer Justin Fargas.  To those I added a Topps Chrome Refractor from the '08 version, which went with black borders for the basic versions, a very good decision in my opinion.

The only PC guy I hit this time was current coach Jim Harbaugh on an insert I didn't recognize.  It's a set called MVPs inserted into '96 Collector's Choice, and that explains my lack of familiarity since I was way more likely to buy the baseball version at the time.  Jim was a Pro Bowler the previous year (as opposed to a pro bowler) was named the comeback player of the year to boot after posting career highs in completion percentage and YPA and leading the league in fourth quarter comebacks and game-winnings drives (3 and 4, respectively), so he appears to have earned his appearance here.

Last up is the only guy that's still active, WR Devin Funchess.  The FA pass-catcher appears today on an on-brand die-cut insert from Panini's 2015 Crown Royale.  Devin got plenty of hype going into his rookie year so he was a natural fit for the Regal Rookies insert, and in this case you're seeing the Green version.  Hopefully I can track some other variants down to show off, but more importantly, I hope Funchess lands with a team with a good QB and the sense to throw plenty of passes his way!

That's it for this show so next time we're back to Sportlots, and I'll try not to slack off so much that those posts drag into March.


  1. The Crown Royale Funchess has such an odd design. I'm trying to figure out what the green fencing is around the logo, and why Pacific chose that pattern. Might have been a good place to put a jersey swatch.

    1. Good question! Crown Royale's earlier designs made much more sense, especially with the actual "crown" motif.